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Strategies for a Successful Rotation

Your rotation performance will determine the quality of your letter of recommendation. This important letter will be read by resident recruitment committees and may be the determining factor as to whether or not you receive an interview. With your hard work, Residency MatchPrepPro can help you achieve a more successful rotation experience, one that may lead to a stronger letter of recommendation.

Based on the experiences of Dr. Hofer working with medical students and residents as a Residency Program Director, Strategies for a Successful Rotation will provide you with techniques designed to help improve your rotation experience. In addition, Dr. Hofer will teach you how your progress may be evaluated (the RIME framework). You will also learn unspoken and unwritten aspects of medical training, actions and attitudes known as the hidden curriculum, that can be critically important for success.

This high-yield session is for upcoming 3rd-year medical school rotations, sub-internship and away rotations, and audition rotations where you want to be successful and make a great impression.

Message from Dr. Hofer:

During our session we will discuss specific techniques practiced by trainees who excel. Common recommendations you may hear during your rotations include "do your best", "read more", and "know the patient". How can this general advice be translated into strategies for success? Let's discuss.

A successful rotation can lead to a stronger letter of recommendation which may determine whether you receive an interview, and ultimately a residency match.


1 session: 60 minutes

Fee: $225

Strategies for a Successful Interview Season

In this Residency MatchPrepPro™ session, Dr. Hofer will use her experience as a previous Chair of the Resident Recruitment Committee to provide you with techniques on how to have a successful interview season and how to distinguish yourself on interview day. This session is divided into pre-interview, interview day, and post-interview preparation and communication strategies. You will discuss interview etiquette, how to prepare for your interview 3 days ahead and the night before, how to interview your interviewer (what do you say when asked “do you have any questions?”), and you will discuss important features of an effective post-interview thank you note.

The goal of this session is to help you differentiate yourself as a candidate for residency.

Message from Dr. Hofer:

A student recently asked, “How do I advocate for myself?” Having personally interviewed over 400 applicants, we will address how to answer this question using concrete examples of how you can highlight your achievements and demonstrate your potential contribution to a residency program even if not directly asked by the interviewer.

It is YOUR job to make it clear on interview day why YOU think you are the right fit for the program. We will also discuss how you can “do your homework” about the program before your interview. Proper preparation can lead to success.


1 session: 30 minutes

Fee: $125

Residency Mock Interviews

Practice answering common and unique questions. Highlight your individual strengths and achievements, discuss challenges, address areas for improvement, and communicate your motivation and goals during the interview. Learn how to help your interviewer understand why YOU are the right match for their program!

These interviews are tailored to you. Part of each interview will be follow-up questions to your answers, and each review will focus on how to reflect upon and discuss your experiences. Bringing examples of your experiences into your interview will help the interviewer understand your ideas, values, choices, and opinions… and how you think. This may help a resident recruitment committee assess your readiness for this profession, and how well you would fit into their program.

Six different interviews (A,B,C,D,E,F) are offered, questions are not repeated.

Each 75 minute session includes 2 interviews. To start, you and Dr. Hofer will set session goals. What do you want to work on with interview preparation? Some examples include giving more concise answers or elaborating on answers, introducing topics even if not asked, what to say when you don’t know, or how to make the interview conversational. If you are not sure, Dr. Hofer will help you set goals.

Next, YOU CHOOSE the form of interviews you want: The Working Interview, The Classic Interview, or one of each.

The Working Interview: In this interview Dr. Hofer will review your answers directly after you answer the question. She will work with you through detailed discussion after each answer to help you organize your thoughts and clearly articulate your answers to the interviewer.

The Classic Interview: This interview is divided into questions and answers (simulating the real interview experience) followed by detailed review and discussion on how to improve your answers.

A recommendation is to choose the Working Interview for your first interview and then apply what you learned in a Classic structured second interview.

Interviews A and B - 1 Session - 75 minutes - Fee: $250

Session structure:

15 minutes: The initial time in this session is for you to discuss with Dr. Hofer areas of your application you would like to emphasize in your interviews along with topics you feel may need to be explained or clarified to an interviewer. You will also set session goals, choose your interview structure, and then Interviews A and B will commence.

30 minutes: Interview A, working or classic

30 minutes: Interview B, working or classic

Interviews C and D - 1 Session - 75 minutes - Fee: $250

Session structure:

5 minutes: Set session goals, choose your interview structure

35 minutes: Interview C, working or classic

35 minutes: Interview D, working or classic

Interviews E and F - 1 Session - 75 minutes - Fee: $250

Session structure:

5 minutes: Set session goals, choose your interview structure

35 minutes: Interview E, working or classic

35 minutes: Interview F, working or classic

Prepare to Present Your ERAS Application

Why should a program rank you to match?

Understand how a Residency Program Director may assess your application. In this 75 minute Residency MatchPrepPro™ session, YOU will present YOUR ERAS application to Dr. Hofer, section by section. In your presentation, Dr. Hofer will help you learn how to advocate for yourself as a confident candidate.

You will discuss your academic training along with your leadership, volunteer, research and work history, and test scores. The topic of your personal statement will be reviewed in addition to your choice of writers for your letters of recommendation. Please be ready to present feedback and scores from your rotations (scores from both your clinical work and exams), and if available, your medical school class rank.

Dr. Hofer has personally reviewed over 1,000 ERAS applications, and will bring that experience to discussing each section of your application with you. Dr. Hofer can help you decide what might be highlighted as key talking points, along with topics you may want to be ready to clarify if asked by the interviewer.  You and Dr. Hofer will look to identify areas that showcase your strengths, and focus on topics that need to be better explained.

Your ERAS application is your WRITTEN story. With this Residency MatchPrepPro session, you and Dr. Hofer will work to TELL this story, and present your best self. Don’t make a resident recruitment committee guess who you are. Strive to effectively communicate WHO you are, WHY you want to be there, and why YOU think you should be there. Be direct. Be obvious. Be honest.

Note: Prepare to Present Your ERAS Application is only offered August - January, when applications are ready to be submitted to programs and during interview season. Your ERAS application should be completed when signing up for this session.


1 session: 75 minutes

Fee: $325

Additional Consulting Time

1 session: 30 minutes

Fee: $125

Appointment Scheduling

Residency MatchPrepPro™ sessions are by appointment only.

All appointments are 1:1 sessions directly with former Residency Program Director, Dr. Jennifer Hofer.

Details on how to schedule your appointment can be found on the How it Works page.

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