How it Works

All Residency MatchPrepPro™ services are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Residency MatchPrepPro™ sessions are by appointment only. Daytime, evening, and weekend hours are available.

All appointments are 1:1 sessions directly with former Residency Program Director, Dr. Jennifer Hofer, and are by audio Zoom.


  1. Start by contacting us, or email with your appointment request. Please include a few dates and times that work for you, and your time zone. After you hear back with confirmation of a date and time, proceed to the next step.
  2. Next go to Services and Signup and choose your session- this will take you to the information and payment page.
  3. Now you can schedule- your confirmed date and time will be available on the calendar for you to select. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion with the Zoom link for your Residency MatchPrepPro™ conference call.

Emails are responded to within 24 hours.

Residency MatchPrepPro schedules a limited number of sessions each week based on the availability of Dr. Jennifer Hofer.