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Residency MatchPrepPro is founded by former University of Chicago Residency Program Director
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Dear Applicant,

Residency MatchPrepPro, LLC welcomes you to the resident recruitment process! With changing criteria to evaluate resident applications and the decision to make Step 1 a pass/fail board exam, we expect more emphasis will be placed on your letters of recommendation from rotations and your interview day performance. Resident recruitment committees will use a holistic approach to assess all aspects of your application.

How will you differentiate yourself?

Meet Dr. Jennifer Hofer, a board certified anesthesiologist and critical care medicine specialist, and founder of Residency MatchPrepPro. Dr. Hofer is a graduate of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and University of Chicago residency and fellowship training programs. She is a previous member of the prestigious University of Chicago faculty, and while on faculty was appointed Residency Program Director and Chair of the Resident Recruitment Committee in her department.


As Residency Program Director and a leader in graduate medical education, Dr. Hofer reviewed over 1,000 ERAS applications, personally interviewed over 400 applicants, and completed over 300 evaluations and letters of recommendation.

All services provided by Residency MatchPrepPro are developed by Dr. Hofer, and all Residency MatchPrepPro™ sessions are 1:1 appointments directly with Dr. Hofer. She will use her extensive experience working with medical students and residents to prepare you for upcoming rotations using Strategies for a Successful Rotation. In addition, Dr. Hofer will help you differentiate yourself on interview day with Strategies for a Successful Interview Season, Residency Mock Interviews, and Prepare to Present Your ERAS Application.


Residency MatchPrepPro works to empower you with strategies that can help you succeed in rotations and interviews. For your interviews, learn how to advocate for yourself, and present yourself as a confident candidate. Strive to effectively communicate to a recruitment committee WHO you are, WHY you want to be there, and why YOU think you should be there.


The goal of Residency MatchPrepPro is to help you present your best self so that recruitment committees think “We want YOU as our resident!”


Now… let’s get to work!

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"I found my session with Dr. Hofer to be profoundly beneficial in
preparing for audition rotations and have acquired not only great tips
but actionable things that can be done in order to stand out to

I highly recommend this for anyone interested in setting themselves
apart from other applicants."

R.P. - rising 4th year medical student